All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Most of us have already experienced a defining moment that may be credited to our success. Glass ceilings are real, you can let them harden over and become concrete or use tools and resources to punch through them.

Arthur Says:

I can remember one of these defining moments in my sales career happening nearly 4 years after my start in sales.  It wasn't for a lack of success but I had moved back to the interior of BC and started with a retail organization.

In this organization you could look up all other sales people vs yourself and see how you stack up.  The man who dominated that top earner spot nationwide had done so for years and was topic of discussion often among peers and management. All the standard rumors - massive earnings, long hours, everyone around him starving, personal assistant and more.  It wasn't long with this organization when I had the opportunity to be sent to one of our annual sales conventions.  It was an honor and it didn't take long to think I may meet this marquee of success and try to extract an ounce of wisdom.  Well I got my opportunity but didn't know it until after the encounter was over.  I was early for a seminar and about 5 people were outside chatting so I started conversation with one of them.  More and more people started to show up and about 15 minutes went by until the doors were opened and we were invited inside.  I found a place to sit and someone leaned over and asked "how was Mohammed" to which I didn't even have a response, we never formally introduced - perhaps he thought I knew who he was.  All week I couldn't stop monitoring his behavior and internalizing our conversation.  The man was kind, patient, unassuming and gentle in nature.  To this point I had never met someone of his character who was so wildly successful in sales.  It changed me forever.  As an adult I learned that being the best version of myself applied to sales as well.


Mark Says:

I have been in sale for 35 years now. I always felt I had the touch for it and could sell ice to Eskimo or so the saying goes.

Well I’m here to tell you now I know I can if I had too.

Fact is when I started out in my sales career this might not have been possible. I was like most people that get into sales in that I had endless drive and  ambition to do well and succeed. I felt strong and growing success during my early years and I even got to a point that I thought knew all needed to be know to make it in sales. But I wasn’t really growing. This attitude started to take its toll on my sales and they started decline. Perhaps we really are only growing or shrinking, accelerating or decelerating?

In the summer of 85 I decided to take some formal sales training.  I chose a course that Winnipeg College was offering - "The physical and psychological approach to sales". This course taught me to understand people and more importantly to understand myself and how people see me and my actions. I started applying my new found people skills to work, I was able to listen to people and see people in a whole new way.  I started understand how most people think and move and act.

Everything changed. I had my focus on people now and not solely on the sale. Even personally I made more friends at a faster pace.

I would like to help each and every one that joins RBS to go from being in sales to being a sales professional.