Our Team

Every coach with RBS Trainers must have the very same core beliefs and opinions on how a sales interaction should look start to finish.  Learn more about the team here at RBS and their individual strengths.

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Mark Lowey

Mark is from Eastern Canada being born in Fort Francis, Ontario.  At age 12 his family moved to Kamloops where Mark went to school and loved playing Junior Hockey for the Kamloops Blazers.

In 1981 Mark left Kamloops and went back East to work for Manitoba Dairies as a route salesman.  Within two years his route doubled and more trucks had to be added to keep up with the demand he created.

Mark accepted an opportunity to work in vertical sales with The Label Factory based out of Winnipeg.  Again having notable success by procuring the companies largest contract in the organizations history. 

Even with success under his wings Mark needed to find some excitement.  With an interest in the auto industry Mark accepted a position with Transcona Dodge in Winnipeg.  It only took a few months for Mark to find himself among the top of the sales staff.

In 1986 Mark moved back to BC to work for Marine Chrysler in Vancouver.  By 1989 he was sales manager at Marine Chrysler.  Over the years Mark moved a bit but always worked with Chrysler in the interior or lower mainland of BC.

Looking back from present day Mark has had the opportunity to train hundreds or sales people and make thousands of friends. Those friends helped Mark win years worth of sales man of the month awards and multiple Salesman of the Year wards.

What to expect from Mark:

  1. A raw understanding of sales theory and practice

  2. Highest level of rapport building

  3. True ability to move people in his direction